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The ASUS M4A79T Deluxe
Motherboard of the years
With the AMD Phenom II AM3 processors officially released AMD fans can finally move over to platforms that support DDR3 memory. Since AMD has started to shift away from DDR2 memory the question that remains to be answered is, are...
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Sandisk's 16GB microSDHC Flash Card
The Top Storage Ever

The Sandisk 16GB Mobile Ultra microSD card (part number SDSDQY-016G-A11M) comes with a Sandisk MobileMate Micro card reader makes switching devices simple. By inserting the microSD card into the MobileMate it can then be used in a computer or any device with an open USB port. This feature is ... read more

GeForce GTX 295 graphics
The Ultimate Graphic Card in Universe

Power Multiple Monitors with Multiple GPUs Put the power of the GeForce GTX 295 graphics card to work across multi-monitors and unleash an awesome dual screen 3D experience. Use one monitor for the up-close action while commanding your armies on the second monitor, or experience full-screen multi-GPU gaming performance on one...
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Windows 7

Future Operating System

The Engineering Windows 7 blog has a list of thirty six "visible" changes coming in the next version of Windows 7.
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Laptops Vs Desktops

Basicly the different between both technology is in size, today laptos can sama or higher feature with personal computer.. but with different val...

Theres No Vacancy

clues of life

Look for the vacancy again !!! one secretory sentence with the that circumstantial opinion result, if says from others possible I will as delicious as replying "easy you said !!", but that go out from a my father that I really respect..shock..sad.. food which i eat become mouth toy.
" Try pns, in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya or anywhere the important is to enter, waiting for can move
to Bandung again." thinking ideal. " if double jobs by freelance that's great. Because Allah will not change your life if you...

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remove the bugger

A lot of blogger still confuse how to eliminate the error or "galat" when change the old template by new template. in fact every template design by its widget default , just how the template to be changed can according by new tempalte. Possible it have to vanish the widgetst which there have even have to vanish the...

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